Adventure driven and fashion inspired. That is what I'm all about. Picturing your day in a way that captures your love, uniqueness and stunning fashion like no other. A day that is filled with laughter, love and adventure. 


Hey friends! My name is Suzi and I’m a portrait and destination wedding photographer based out of California. I’m a beach loving adventurer who is either exploring this amazing state I live in or sleeping as much as I can. There’s no in between. I’m obsessed with crime shows and movies and pretty much anything to do with our military. I live to order salad with a side of fries because its all about balance! I’m adopted and its a huge part of my life and my story,  so if you have a few extra minutes and want to hear my crazy miraculous story then I would love to tell you! 



I love what I do and can’t wait to meet you and hopefully be a part of your amazing day and be able to capture your story! 


Being a photographer has been such an amazing experience for me. To travel the world, meet new people and capture amazing moments and call it a job is unreal. Photography hasn’t always been my first love. But once I started I can’t imagine doing anything else. I have had the honor to photograph newborns, high school seniors, families, first birthdays, fashion bloggers, concerts and weddings. 


I have always loved fashion and grew up always getting my hands on any fashion magazine I could. I love how fashion can transform a person and boost their confidence. So I knew my love for fashion would be intertwined with my photography. As a traveler its in my blood.  I tell people I was born to live out of suitcase. Airports excite me and I love traveling and exploring this beautiful world God has created. And lastly I love weddings. Being single myself the thought of two people promising forever to each other is one of the greatest vows as people we could ever do. So why not be a part of a couple's forever day! 


So fill out a contact form and lets get dreaming of your unique, special and adventurous day!